Epic Fail: NBC mistakes ‘Social Network’ actor for Mark Zuckerberg

nbc mistakes social network actor for mark zuckerberg jesse eisenberg olympics

Just when you think NBC couldn’t be a bigger fail with its Olympics coverage this year after airing tape-delayed broadcasts, shutting down British journalist Guy Adams’ Twitter account, and cutting the Closing Ceremony off before Muse and The Who performed, its sportscasters also seem to be clueless when it comes to recognizing famous people’s faces.

On Sunday’s gold medal men’s basketball match between the United States and Spain, commenter Bob Fitzgerald sees a familiar face in the crowds. Upon zooming in, he believe he has found Mark Zuckerberg in attendence.

“I know I’m gonna put that picture on Facebook,” Fitzgerald said. “We’ve got every executive of note, it seems, worldwide, attending these games.”

It didn’t take long for everyone else to react to Fitzgerald’s mistake, noting that the man he is referring to is not Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, but rather The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg who portrayed Zuckerberg in the film. Come on, NBC, you should at least know that Zuckerberg would never attend an Olympic basketball game without his power wife Priscilla Chan by his side.

“Hey ball announcer: that was Jesse Eisenberg who played Marc Zuckerberg in a movie. He didn’t create Facebook #Olympics #NBCfail,” one viewer Mike Sigmond tweeted. A slew of other comments continued to help the #NBCfail hashtag grow, and Fitzgerald’s comment only contributed to more material for the Twitterverse. You know what’s cool, NBC? Learning to get your programming, and the people representing your network, together.

Watch the clip of Fitzgerald confusing Eisenberg for The Zuck at Deadspin.