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Nearly 300,000 status updates are posted to Facebook every minute


Vancouver-based social media and promotions agency Popcorn released an infographic on its blog detailing actions taking place across the major social networks every 60 seconds. With more than 800 million users on Facebook at of late, over half a million comments are posted on Facebook every single minute. Over 290,000 status updates are posted to profiles and nearly 140,000 photos are uploaded per minute. At that rate, it would take about 15 minutes of Facebook photos uploads to equal the number of photographs stored in the New York public photo archives. It’s clear that Facebook’s audience has no problem creating astounding amounts of content for the social network.

instagramRegarding rival social network Twitter, the organization sees about 120,000 tweets rolling out each minute. However, Twitter only sees a fraction of the photo uploads each minute through third party services, approximately one percent of total photos uploaded to Facebook. Rival photo network Flickr sees about 3,500 photos uploaded each minute and Instagram sees about 1,350 photos uploaded every sixty seconds. On the location-based FourSquare, users check-in to a bit over 2,000 locations every minute. On the popular blogging network Tumblr, the company sees about 1,000 posts per minute and 300 reblogs. Finally, the user review site Yelp receives about 20 new reviews every minute in addition to 120 new photos each hour. While not included on the infographic, users of video site YouTube upload about 48 hours of video footage every single minute.

The rapid posting rates for services like Facebook and Twitter have been spurred by the adoption of smartphones over the last few years. More users of the services are updating the social networks while mobile as well as uploading photos of their current location. Facebook’s recent changes to sharing are likely to increase posting rates even more as services like Spotify automatically post what a user is currently listening to on the Facebook feed.

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