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Our favorite, funniest tweets from Super Bowl XLVII

super bowl tweetsSocial media and sports go hand in hand – and the Super Bowl is no exception. This year we were treated to more than a few dramatic, hilarity-inducing moments, and some of the best brains behind Twitter took to their keyboards to reflect, share, and shame. Here are some of the best reactions to the game, halftime show, and commercials (and everything else in between). 

To infinity and Beyoncé,

Mrs. Carter took to the stage in all her glory for the halftime show, bringing back Destiny’s Child with her. It was a moment no one who was in middle school some 10 odd years ago will ever forget. 

All of the lights (are out)

In case you didn’t hear, the lights went out for awhile during the Super Bowl. Twitter comedians are still praising their respective gods for the wealth of opportunity it gave then. 


Puppy Bowled over

Everyone who loves puppies (which is just about everyone) and couldn’t be bothered to watch the actual game tuned into this event, which has many, many fans. And a kitten-fronted halftime show. Watch yo’self, Bey.



Some deep thoughts on the ads. 


Brotherly love

Of course one of the biggest stories of the game was the fact that brothers Jim and John Harbaugh faced off. It’s simultaneously heartwarming… and gives ample opportunity to make fun of them. 


It was so Raven 

The 8th-grade girl in all of us is loving this. 

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