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6 essential apps for embellishing your photography

Photo apps are on the rise. Here are six of our current favorites, so you can add some character and class to your photos before sharing them with your friends, family, and distant admirers.
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Jurors caught checking Facebook may face a $1,500 fine

Looking for a better way to enforce rules about checking mobile devices during a trial, California has proposed new legislation that would slap a juror with a hefty fine if they hop on social during a trial.
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The 12 most hilariously awful Kickstarter projects of all time

Kickstarter backers may have flocked to the Coolest Cooler and Neil Young's Pono Player, but other projects weren't quite as successful. Check out our picks for the 12 worst Kickstarter campaigns, whether talking video games or Red…
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Tired of trolls and slander, former Reddit exec launches Imzy, a positivity community

Former Reddit exec launches, a community that emphasizes finding what you want and a positive outlet. Its founders hope it can serve as a safe place for users.
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Twitter makes it easier to report multiple abusive tweets

In a bid to resolve incidents of abuse on Twitter more quickly, you can now report multiple abusive tweets at once instead of one at a time. This should give Twitter's safety team a clearer idea of a particular situation, allowing for a…
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Bug bounty hunter scores on Facebook and turns in another hacker

While earning a $10,000 reward in Facebook's bug bounty program, a bug hunter called Orange Tsai discovered evidence another hacker had already been there and left code to exploit staff credentials.

Facebook developing standalone camera app with live-streaming capabilities

Facebook is reportedly working on a camera app similar to Snapchat that would also allow users to live-stream from their smartphones. Over the past year, live-streaming has become a top priority for the social network.
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Like it, Love it, or LOL it? How are people reacting to news on Facebook?

A few months ago, Zuckerberg and company allowed users to do more than just "Like" a post, and now, content marketing agency Fractl has taken a closer look at just how readers are reacting to the news on social media.
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“Oh! THAT memo.” PayPal plans gender equality program with all-male panel

In a communications mixup, the flyer for a PayPal panel on gender equality featuring five male speakers left out a subtitle that indicated men as allies. Subsequent explanations didn't do much to change the impression.

Lawmakers ask National Intelligence director, ‘How many citizens have you spied on?’

American lawmakers are getting frisky on digital frisking. In a recent letter from 14 Congress members, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was asked to estimate the number of Americans affected by various surveillance…

Bloom’s new trading feature lets parents buy, sell baby gear locally

Ideal for new parents that are looking for discounted toys and other baby-related items, a parenting app called Bloom has launched a local connection feature that lets parents buy and sell items. Users can even use the app to schedule…
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Down to Lunch app gets friends together as developers shun money

Hot app Down to Lunch connects high school and college student friends for meals, studying, or just chilling. Simple graphics make it fast and easy. Founders won't talk to investors, saying they are too busy responding to users and…