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Vote for your favorite NCAA coach in the ‘Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge’

The "Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge" lets fans vote on their favorite NCAA basketball coaches, with the winner getting $100,000 for his favorite charity. This is the sixth year of the program, which will raise over $345,000 in 2016.
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India bans Facebook’s Free basics with a new Net neutrality law

A new ruling by India's telecom regulatory body has banned Facebook's free Internet service, and similar programs, over net neutrality concerns and "discriminatory tariffs." The temporary block on Free Basics by Facebook will now become…
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Top tech CEOs and U.S. officials brainstorm ideas on how to hit ISIS online

Executives from an array of major tech firms are meeting with White House officials on Friday for talks on how to prevent extremist groups from using social media to spread propaganda and attract new recruits.
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Tinder launches operations in its biggest Asian market: India

Tinder has set up a headquarter in Dehli and hired a country head as part of its launch of operations in India, the dating app's biggest market in Asia. The move marks Tinder's first venture outside of the U.S.
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Instagram Rolls Out Daily Curated Videos Feed

Instagram has expanded its Spotlight Compilations video feature to appear on a daily basis. Like Snapchat Live Stories, the user-generated clips are curated to cover relevant and top trending topics on the photo-sharing app.

Motörhead will live-stream Lemmy's funeral on YouTube for fans

Legendary Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister's funeral will be live streamed from Hollywood on YouTube, according to a Facebook statement by the band. Fans can tune in to Motörhead's official YouTube channel to watch the memorial service.
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Live broadcast of a puddle becomes global Internet hit

Half a million watched a live stream of it on Periscope. It trended on Twitter. And "highlights" videos appeared on YouTube – all in the space of six hours. The star of the show? A puddle.
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Pinterest hires its first head of diversity in an effort to broaden its workforce

Pinterest has now appointed its first diversity chief in the form of Candice Morgan, who will pursue the company's goals of hiring more staff members from underrepresented minorities.
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Snapchat shuts its lens filter store to focus on advertising

Snapchat is shutting its lucrative lens filter store in order to focus on advertising. The store allowed users to buy lenses, priced at $0.99 each, that could be used to animate and transform selfies.
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Reddit compiles its best AMA interviews in limited-edition hardback book

Link-sharing social network Reddit has released a book that compiles its favorite "Ask Me Anything" interviews. The book comes in both a digital format and as a coffee table hardback, limited to just 10,000 copies.
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Former Google dev who created the hashtag picked up by Uber

Chris Messina, a former Google developer who is noted as creating the hashtag for use on Twitter, has joined Uber. Messina comes onboard the ride-hailing service in a newly created position as the Developer Experience Lead.
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Twitter is considering a 10,000-character limit

Twitter is working on a new feature that may allow as many as 10,000 characters rather than the current 140-character limit. The feature may be available by the end of the first quarter.
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The Zuck plans to run 365 miles this year, and he wants you to do the same

The Zuck likes his New Year's resolutions, and unlike most people, actually keeps them. For 2016 he's announced a physical challenge to get fit by running a mile a day – and he wants you to join him.
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Twitter backs smart headphones startup with first-ever hardware investment

Twitter has unveiled its first hardware investment at CES. The company is backing Muzik, makers of smart headphones that boast social media integration. Muzik will take on the likes of Beats with the launch of its $299 headphones later this…

Weekly Rewind: AT&T kills contracts, a deep space habitat, and $100 3D printers

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech…

Check out these five great new apps for to start off 2016 with a bang

Every week we parse through the various app stores so you don't have to go through the hassle. With the new year, take a look at Microsoft's Selfie app, or Neqtr, a new dating app for "socially conscious people," and more.

Using Snapchat, this dad has been turning his baby into a superhero

In one of the most creative (and definitely adorable) uses of Snapchat yet, graphic designer Costeur transforms his little son from a human child to a superhero, a comic book character, and much more.
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Politicians beware – Politwoops is returning to Twitter

Politwoops, a political transparency service that archived politicians' deleted tweets, was booted off Twitter back in May. However, Twitter has just reversed its decision, allowing voters to once again "explore the tweets they'd prefer you…