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UberEats Instant Delivery nixed in NYC only a month after standalone app launch

Are you an UberEats user who lives in New York City? Unfortunately, it may start taking a little longer for your food to be delivered -- Uber has shut down the Instant Delivery section of the UberEats app.

Instagram is set to turn a huge profit for Facebook this year

Instagram is set to have a huge year, according to analysts at Credit Suisse. The popular photo-sharing app is projected to generate a massive profit for its parent company Facebook, thanks to its advertising strategy.

Google and Verizon connecting Japan and Ecuador earthquake victims with loved ones

Google and Verizon have, with a combination of tools and fee waivers, made it easier to contact victims of the Japan and Ecuador earthquakes. They're also contributing to the relief efforts in both countries.
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Facebook considering a number of ways to let users earn money from posts

Facebook is considering a number of monetization options for posts on its platform, according to a new survey circulated on the site. The financial incentives would bring it closer to YouTube in terms of its revenue-sharing strategy.
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Before the billions: Video shows young, beer-swilling Zuckerberg

An interview from 2005 provides a glimpse into the early, free-wheeling days of social media giant Facebook. Believe it or not, Zuck didn't always want to rule the world, or know everything about you.

Conceptor Soul time tracker shows how much time you’re spending with friends

Meet the Concepter Soul, a new wearable heralded as the world's first time-tracking platform for your social interactions. You can get the same service through the free app, but the wearable is more accurate and It's now available on…
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Now you can replace your face with a giant cat emoji in Snapchat videos

Wish your face was a little more yellow? In the latest Snapchat update, you can plaster an emoji over the top of it and have that emoji move around the screen. The update is out on Android and iOS.
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Pinterest just dropped a revamped iOS app that will load 3× faster than before

Pinterest has completely revamped its iOS app. The new app not only features a sleek and stylish new design, but, perhaps more importantly, it has been totally rebuilt under-the-hood to now load a whopping three times faster.
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College students have a new career starter app with LinkedIn Student

Focusing on college students who are just starting to build their resume and career search, LinkedIn Student launched Monday as a mobile app for U.S. students. Information is provided based on major, graduation date, and activity on the…

Viber flicks on encryption, adds Hidden Chats feature

Viber's more than 711 million users can now enjoy encrypted messaging, safe from third-party snooping. A new Hidden Chats feature will also hide your conversations from the main screen of the app.
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Tinder to pay tuition for student who quit sorority over profile pic controversy

Shannon Workman quit her sorority after it found her Tinder profile pic to be in violation of its rules of conduct. Tinder CEO Sean Rad personally contacted Workman to offer the company's support.
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WeChat Enterprise could be the app to take down Slack

It looks like Slack is about to go to battle. WeChat has finally launched its take on an office chat app, called WeChat Enterprise. The app is being dubbed by fans as WeSlack, and offers a number of interesting features.