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Twitter’s new ‘Connect’ tab helps you discover the best accounts to follow

Looking for some new accounts to follow on Twitter? Head over to the new 'Connect' tab, which will give you personalized recommendations based on things like previous accounts, current events, and more.

GIphy’s new keyboard will keep your favorite Beyonce GIFs on hand for quick access

Giphy, the self-proclaimed largest database of GIFs, is out with a new keyboard on iOS to make searching and sharing GIFs faster and easier. You can save your favorite GIFs and quickly access them through the keyboard.
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Frozen’s Elsa at center of social media backlash against Disney’s LGBT failings

Disney has been noted as one of the worst offenders when it comes to LGBT representation in film, according to a new study by GLAAD. The studio is being taken to task on Twitter, with users nominating Frozen's Elsa as its first LGBT…

Real-life Snapchat romance has entire university campus smitten

Snapchat has helped two university students with their budding romance after they professed to liking one another on the app. Their clips and unique geofilters drew the attention of the entire campus, as people tuned in to see if they would…

Radiohead’s website shows fans how to disappear completely

Five-piece British rock band Radiohead have made their website, Facebook, and Twitter posts disappear completely in what many fans believe is a buildup for their ninth studio album.
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CIA gets creative on Twitter to mark fifth anniversary of bin Laden raid

Sunday was the fifth anniversary of the raid that killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and to mark the occasion the CIA took the curious step of tweeting the event "as if it were happening today."
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Virgin founder reposts fake final words of Steve Jobs

Richard Branson reposted a chainmail message describing Steve Jobs' final words. Of course, it was all fake. But Richard is still happy. Misinformation or not, he defends it as a source of inspiration.
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For the first time ever, NBC is sharing Olympic footage

For the first time, Comcast Corp.'s NBC will be distributing footage from the Olympics. Snapchat users will be able to see the events and athletes up close through the app. The content will be curated by Buzzfeed.
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60 percent of government data requests from Facebook come with a gag order

Facebook's new transparency report highlights that not only are government requests up, but 60 percent of them also come with a gag order, preventing Facebook from notifying users that their data is being requested.

Ads begone! Here’s how the Google Play Store will save you from in-app ads

Wish you knew if an app had ads before downloading it? Well, now you can, thanks to these new labels that Google is using on the Google Play Store. The labels appear right next to the separate labels that tell you if an app has in-app…
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On Facebook a lot? Average users around the world spend more than 50 minutes on website, related apps

Following a hugely successful first-quarter earnings report, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that "people around the world spend, on average, more than 50 minutes a day using Facebook, Instagram and Messenger … and that doesn’t…

ISIS hacking groups merge as United Cyber Caliphate, but don’t worry too much

Until now, ISIS' hacking efforts have been largely improvised, and split between five overlapping groups. That changed this month, and so might the hacker's focus. Recruitment of elite hackers will be a priority.