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Upload Stories faster — or preview the entire thing — with new Instagram tools

Instagram is now allowing users to add multiple images or videos to Stories in one move. The bulk upload tool allows users to add up to 10 photos or videos, though edits like stickers are still applied individually.
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Twitter’s updated privacy policy sheds light on just what happens to your data

Twitter is aiming to be more transparent about how the platform uses your data, starting with clearer language inside an updated privacy policy. While sparked by the GDPR laws in Europe, the new policy applies worldwide.
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In a privacy-motivated move, Instagram finally has a download tool

Instagram finally has a tool to download all your data -- including photos. The new tool is likely privacy-motivated, and Facebook has already been offering a similar tool for the past eight years.
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Now you can read Facebook’s secret rulebook for what you can post

Facing unprecedented scrutiny, Facebook has released its Community Standards guidelines. Instead of overly general statements of what the social media platform allows, now you can read the rules that govern what you can post.
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Britain’s best-known money-saving expert sues Facebook over fake ads

The U.K.'s best-known money-saving expert is fed up with Facebook's handling of scammers' ads that use his name as an endorsement for bogus financial products. And he's taking the company to court in a bid to finally sort it out.
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Facebook delays the launch of its smart speaker until October

The Facebook smart speaker, reportedly called Portal, was rumored to be launching at the F8 developer conference in May, but in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica news, the company is delaying it until October.

Twitter bans Kaspersky Lab from advertising on its platform

Citing alleged ties to the Russian government, Twitter has banned Kaspersky Lab from advertising on its website, though its standard account is still active. Kaspersky has denied the claims.
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Facebook fuels fake-news fight with fleet of fact checkers

Last week, in another attempt to combat fake news, Facebook announced the launch of a dedicated fact-checking program in the India, and its pilot program will begin operations in Karnataka. 

Flickr gets snapped up by fellow photo-sharing site SmugMug

Photo-sharing site SmugMug has acquired fellow photo-sharing site Flickr from Yahoo (Oath Inc.) for an undisclosed sum. Don't worry, though -- Flickr isn't going anywhere, and may even finally receive the resources it's long deserved.
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Social Feed: Pinterest glams up, Facebook tests ‘live’ prerecorded premieres

What are the social networks up to this week? Facebook is launching a slew of new tests, while facing scrutiny for housing discrimination on top of data practices. Pinterest now has prettier profiles for businesses (with more stats).
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Facebook investigating more security vulnerabilities with third-party logins

Be careful where you log in using Facebook credentials -- researchers recently uncovered vulnerabilities that allowed third-party platforms to access data using scripts after users logged in with their Facebook data on other websites.
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You AR what you eat — augmented reality menus are coming to Snapchat

Have your food and eat it too? New augmented reality menus will allow diners to preview a dish using a Snapchat AR Lens before ordering, putting a lifelike model of the food right on the table.