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Cambridge Analytica used more apps to steal data, former employee claims

During testimony to a U.K. Parliment committee, former Cambridge Aanlaytica employee Brittany Kaiser says she's "almost certain" the number of Facebook users with compromised data is more than 87 million.
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PowerDVD 18 brings 4K Blu-Ray, HEVC support to Windows PCs

PowerDVD 18 claims a number of Windows firsts, including playing 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray and support for HEVC. The latest version of the venerable media player also includes a new view option for 360-degree content.
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Fed up with social media, major U.K. pub chain deletes all of its accounts

A big U.K. pub chain has suddenly deleted all of its social media accounts. Wetherspoon made the move due to "bad publicity surrounding social media," adding that it was uncomfortable about the "addictive nature of social media."
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Cops use fingerprint pulled from a WhatsApp photo to nab drug traffickers

British police used a fingerprint pulled from a photo sent on WhatsApp to help secure multiple convictions against drug traffickers in what's thought to be the first case of its kind in the U.K.
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Looking to spice up your Facebook Stories? Try 3D drawing, a new AR effect

You'll soon be able to take a photo of your surroundings, annotate them using AR technology, and turn them into Instagram Boomerang GIFs, all using your Facebook Camera. It's all thanks to a new feature called 3D drawing.
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Social Feed: Zuckerberg unfazed by #deletefacebook, Boomerang moves to FB

While some tech giants have deleted their Facebook accounts, Facebook says it hasn't seem big changes in user count or even in privacy settings. Meanwhile, the network's camera gains the Boomerang mode and an unlikely network adds GIFs.
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Instagram could finally get a download tool in privacy-motivated move

Instagram is finally getting a tool to download all your data -- including photos. The new tool is likely privacy-motivated, and Facebook has already been offering a similar tool for the past eight years.
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A New York Times reporter downloaded his Facebook data – and was terrified

Last week, the lead consumer technology reporter for the New York Times, Brian Chen, downloaded his Facebook data, with terrifying results. 500 advertisers had his contact information, and he couldn't delete much of this data.
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New patent sketch sheds little light on Facebook's upcoming smart speaker

Amazon has lots, Google has three, and Apple has one. Now Facebook looks as if it's about to launch its own smart speakers, with two display-equipped devices expected land in July.
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Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s second day of congressional grilling here

Congress released Mark Zuckerberg's prepared testimony ahead of his Wednesday hearing, in which Zuckerberg concedes that Facebook was "too slow to spot and respond to Russian interference" during the 2016 election. 

Here’s how to check if Facebook shared your data with Cambridge Analytica

In keeping with earlier promises, Facebook has rolled out a tool that will show you whether or not your data was in the hands of Cambridge Analytica or any other company that has since been banned from the platform.
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Spectacle speculation? Snap FCC filing points to ‘Model 002’ for camera glasses

Newly published FCC paperwork suggests Snap Inc. is working on a "Model 002" of the Spectacles camera glasses. The paperwork builds on earlier reports that the company would be releasing two new versions later this year.