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Here’s what we learned from Mark Zuckerberg’s EU hearing on privacy

After being grilled by Congress last month, Mark Zuckerberg found himself testifying before another governmental body -- the European Parliament. He addressed issues related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the GDPR.
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You can soon mute annoying friends clogging your Instagram feed

Hovering over that unfollow button, but don't want to quite abandon that Instagram relationship yet? Instagram is rolling out a mute button that allows you to keep another user's posts out of the feed and even mute their Stories too.

Google Photos is seeing stars (and hearts) with new social reactions

Google will soon look a bit more social with two new reactions. One, the heart, is designed for viewing friends photos, while the other, a star is to help you find your own favorite images later.
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Qualcomm joins Facebook’s Terragraph Project to bring fast Wi-Fi to U.S. cities

Qualcomm has joined with Facebook on the social network's Terragraph Project, a multinode wireless system focused on bringing high-speed internet connectivity to dense urban areas.

Owners of charged with extortion and other crimes

The owners of have been arrested and charged with money laundering, extortion, and identity theft. Some are hopeful that this will mark the beginning of the end for Mugshots and similar sites.
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Snapchat's redesign was allegedly spearheaded by one man -- Evan Spiegel

Not a fan of Snapchat’s redesign? Apparently, neither was most of Snapchat itself. Luckily, the company is rolling back the changes, and this new/old look has rolled out to a "majority" of iOS users.

You’ll never read Facebook’s new data policy, so we did it for you

You’re never going to read Facebook’s new data policy, so we did it for you. Not much has changed, but it reveals more information about how the social network tracks you across the internet.
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Instagram finally (sort of) gets that share button in the form of stickers

Gotta share that gem you spotted in your Instagram? Now you can, but in Stories. The Instagram share sticker allows users to share feed posts to other users' Stories as a sticker. Don't want your photos shared? There's an opt-out option.
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Facebook wants to spot political misinformation as it happens

Can Facebook move from reacting to election abuse to squashing political misinformation as it happens? The platform wants to, and a partnership with the Atlantic Council is one more step on that journey.
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Facebook Stories grows up, adds new options, from audio to archiving

Facebook is focusing on the full-screen Stories sharing format with a trio of new features coming to the app. The update is slated to bring audio posts, an archive tool, and an option to shoot now and save later.
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You’re not hearing things: Viral Laurel vs. Yanny debate is an audio brain teaser

What do you hear: Laurel or Yanny? In a debate that's growing to an iconic blue-gold dress scale, a robotic recording has the internet divided. So is it Laurel or Yanny, and why are people hearing different things from the same audio file?
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Addicted to Instagram? The app may soon tell you about it

Lose track of time when you're on Instagram? Well, you may soon have a way to learn more about precisely how long you spend on the app, though it doesn't go as far as YouTube's new feature, which prompts you to take a break.
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YouTube TV rolls out voice control, incognito mode in new test

YouTube TV is gaining a voice control option that doesn't require the Google Home. The main YouTube app, meanwhile, appears to be testing an incognito mode to hide search and view history.
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Facebook removed 583 million fake accounts in the first quarter of 2018

Facebook's vice president of product management Guy Rosen revealed that Facebook disabled around 583 million fake accounts in the first three months of 2018 alone. That would equal about a quarter of the social network's user base
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Messenger speeds up reporting with tools to flag harassment, impersonation

Facebook Messenger now allows users to report abuse that violates Community Guidelines inside the app with a few taps. The update brings tools previously only available on the web to the mobile apps.
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WhatsApp’s latest update brings more order and control to group chats

WhatsApp is rolling out new tools for group chats. A new shortcut button helps recap mentions and replies, while the group's new description displays info for new members. The update also includes changes to administration tools.
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Smart home automation is now one of Yelp’s fastest-growing categories

With quadruple the number of searches for "smart home," home automation has become one of Yelp's fastest growing categories for Home and Local. Yelp recently shared just how many new business listings the category is responsible for.
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Snapchatters can now experience the joy of unskippable video ads

Snapchat has started testing unskippable six-second video ads, as the platform continues to look for ways to turn a profit. Current data shows that most users skip through the app's video ads.