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Facebook will offer you $40,000 to find the next Cambridge Analytica

Just in time for the upcoming mid-term elections this year, Facebook's new Data Abuse Bounty could help the network identify election meddling and protect your privacy. The best part? You could be $40,000 richer just by reporting malicious…
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Instagram’s new feature gives you portrait mode without a dual camera

Instagram is rolling out a new portrait mode called "Focus," which does away with the need for two camera sensors to create a background blur, and instead uses machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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Instagram is working on another Snapchat copycat: Nametags

Instagram has been copping Snapchat's style for quite some time now, and -- unfortunately for Snapchat -- to considerable success. Nametags, a copy of Snapchat's QR codes, is the latest example.
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Instagram tries to ban drug hashtags, with mixed results

In the midst of parent company Facebook's privacy scandal, Instagram is doing everything it can to ensure that it doesn't run into any scandals of its own. It's trying to ban drug-related hashtags.

Facing Facebook: Congress should take action to protect our privacy

Ahead of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress, Charter CEO Tom Rutledge penned a policy piece arguing that Congress should regulate how companies like Facebook care for our information. And he's completely right.
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Bots, not humans, tweet majority of links to popular websites, research says

Bots account for two-thirds of tweets that link to popular websites, according to a Pew Research Center report, and have a tendency to share for adult content, sports, and news with particular vigor.
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Child advocacy groups ask FTC to fine Google tens of billions of dollars

Child advocacy groups filed a complaint on April 9 with the Federal Trade Commission, arguing that YouTube allows websites to collect personal about children under 13 without permission.
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Another Facebook quiz could have stolen data under the guise of research

Need another reason not to waste time on those Facebook personality quizzes? CubeYou is accused of using Facebook user data for marketing purposes from an app that told users the information would be used for academic research only.

Live-streaming arrives on Vimeo’s subscription service

Creatives using Vimeo's option to monetize through subscriptions can now go live with fans. The change is part of Vimeo's acquisition of Livestream. Vimeo is also launching a new encoder and a Mac version of Livestream Studio.
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Snapchat brings back its popular reverse chronological order for Stories

Snapchat appears to be listening to its users’ grievances, and at least for some folks, is rolling back the redesign and instead showing Snapchat Stories in reverse chronological order once again.

Telegram app is a favorite of Kremlin officials, but Russia wants to block it

Telegram, the encrypted messaging app, is popular with Kremlin politicians because it's a secure method of communications. Russian security, however, wants backdoor access and is threatening to block the app entirely.

New version of YouTube Kids will use humans instead of algorithms

YouTube may soon launch a new version of its child-focused app, YouTube Kids. This new version will rely on humans instead of algorithms to help curate content.