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This is ‘Bad News’: Game teaches players to create fake news for research

Want to build a better fake news radar? Try learning how to create it first. That is the idea behind Cambridge's Bad News online game and research project where players create a fake news empire while sharing data with researchers.
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New Snapchat tabs alleviate redesign complaint, as update offers more stickers

Craving more stickers for your Snaps? Snapchat is expanding the sticker options by integrating a Giphy sticker library directly into the app. Snap Inc. also announced a change that addresses a user complaint on the redesign.

Twitter is killing its Mac app, but do you even really care?

Twitter pulled the plug on its app for MacOS, and suggests using the web-based version for a premium experience. But does anyone really care? Sounds off in our poll and comments to voice your opinion.
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A snail mail code will provide added security against ad fraud on Facebook

Facebook is continuing to build on their list of new policies to prevent political ad fraud by using a mailed postcard to verify a U.S. location. The mailed access code joins a list of other changes expected to be in place this year.

How Instagram’s being used to make the outdoors more inclusive and diverse

Though there exists a problem with diversity as it relates to the outdoors -- referred to as the adventure gap -- many have turned to the social media platform Instagram to raise awareness and make the outdoors more inclusive.
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Governments are stepping in to regulate social media, but there may be a better way

Whose responsibility is it to keep fake news and terrorism off social media? An NYU Stern study suggests social networks, not the government, should be responsible for moderation, but not liable.
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Are you #stoked or #overit? The complete guide to hashtags on social media

Still don't know what a hashtag is? Never fear! Be prepared to be #blessed with everything you need to know about hashtags, including how to craft the perfect tag, where to use it, and how they have shaped social media.
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Twitter ends support for its Mac application

After several years of less than ideal support, Twitter is pulling the plug on its Mac client. The company has announced that support for the application will end in 30 days.
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9 things you need to know about the Russian social media election ads

Facebook, Twitter, and Google have now testified before Congress on multiple occasions about Russian election ads and formal charges have been filed. So what do social media users need to know about those ads? We break it down.
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Social Feed: Embeds might be iIllegal, Vimeo adds simultaneous live-streams

In this week's social feed, separate lawsuits mean embeds could violate copyright, private posts can be used in court, and Facebook might be violating German privacy laws. Also: Vimeo is adding new tools and Facebook is expanding Community…
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A million Snapchatters protest app redesign but CEO sticks by it

Snapchat's major update, which is still being rolled out, created "a whole new Snapchat," according to its CEO. But it seems to have upset a lot of people, with more than a million users having already signed a protest petition.
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Looking for love? Check out Camp Meets Bagel, a sleepaway camp for adults

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Coffee Meets Bagel is launching CMB Experiences to help users connect in the real world. And it's all going to start with a sleepaway camp called Camp Meets Bagel.