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As redesign rolls out, Snap lays off 22 staff members across 8 departments

After a not-so-hot 2017 on the stock market, Snap Inc. is laying off nearly two dozen employees and relocating others. The change comes as the new Snapchat redesign is rolling out.
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A crash course in how to make your own memes

Memes are truly an important part of Internet culture. Here's how you can make one yourself - just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.
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WhatsApp targets small businesses with new app for better communication

Many small businesses already use the messaging app to converse with customers, but some of those busier outfits have been crying out for a way to enhance the process. On Thursday, WhatsApp finally delivered.

Instagram now shows when you’re on the app (and here’s how to stop it)

Instagram has quietly introduced a feature that shares your activity status with those you follow and message. It's on by default, though it can be turned off in a few simple steps.
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Here’s what social media giants are doing to keep extremism off your screen

What are social networks doing to fight extremist content? A hearing with a Senate committee offers insight. Representatives from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube spoke at a hearing this week. Here's what to know.

U.S. Senate approves the renewal of a warrantless surveillance program

The U.S. Senate today to approve the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017, which expands the U.S. government's ability to pursue warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens.
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Keep out of reach of … teenagers? YouTube pulls Tide pod videos

YouTube is pulling Tide pod challenge videos as Poison Control reports a spike in the number of teenagers ingesting the packets. In a little over two weeks, the number of reports already equals the total numbers for 2016.
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Grab the popcorn: Facebook tests Watch Party for sharing videos in Groups

Facebook Watch Party is designed to bring groups together with some of the same interaction tools as Live videos. The tool is only in testing with a limited number of users, but Facebook hopes to see a wider rollout.
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Tweeting during a game actually improves engagement, study suggests

Tweeting during a game while watching it on TV simultaneously increases engagement, rather than creating a distraction, a new study suggests. The data was collected using biometrics to study the behavior.
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See if airlines owe you money from up to 3 years ago with AirHelp’s new tool

AirHelp, which last year announced a boarding pass scanner to give real-time information about delayed flight compensation, is now launching a new tool that will help you travel back in time -- that is, with regard to airline payback.
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New pop-up test could help squash spam messages on WhatsApp

A possible beta test on WhatsApp is looking to warn users before sharing a mass-forwarded message to stop spam and fake news. The popup lets users know if a message has been shared multiple times.
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YouTube is making it harder for small-time creators to make money

YouTube is changing the threshold that allows creators to make money from their videos, upping the entry terms for its Partner Program. The company said the new rules should help it to better monitor content on the site.