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Parody Twitter account accused of planting white flag on Brooklyn Bridge

parody twitter account gets subpoenaed brooklyn bridge white flag joke
Image: Flickr
Back in late July, New Yorkers were in awe and fear as two large white flags were discovered atop the Brooklyn Bridge. The flags have since been taken down, but finding the person or people responsible for putting them there has proved a tough task. It appeared that the District Attorney’s office has someone in mind, though it could be a misunderstanding, reports the Gothamist.

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The DA’s office subpoenaed parody Twitter account Bicycle Lobby because of a sarcastic tweet about the white flag incident.

Bicycle Lobby was formed because of Dorothy Rabinowitz, a conservative journalist whose anti-bicycle comments made waves across the Internet, sparking every reaction from ridicule to analysis.

Shortly after the tweet was posted, both the Associated Press and the Daily News reported the tweet as fact, which Bicycle Lobby ridiculed in a set of tweets. Unfortunately for Bicycle Lobby, the DA’s office in New York wasn’t laughing, sending a subpoena to the person behind the parody account early in the week.

Though the NYPD is very close to naming a suspect, we have a feeling that Bicycle Lobby is not the suspect it has in mind. You can see the subpoena below.

NY Subpoena / Twitter / @BicycleLobby

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