Pinterest gets private, adds ‘Secret Boards’ for personal projects and shopping lists

pinterest gets private adds secret boards for personal projects and shopping lists

Since its inception and wide-spread success, Pinterest users have been using the site to collect every visual thing they enjoy from the Web. These photos, videos, and snippets are also grouped into categories, earning Pinterest notorious popularity with brides-to-be and obsessive window shoppers. However, until today, users were unable to lock their curated boards from the world, making it difficult for Christmas shopper to save gift ideas for a later date without the possibility of being discovered by the future recipients. Thankfully, “Secret Boards” will change all that.

pinterest gets private adds secret boards for personal projects and shopping lists board interfaceStarting today, Pinterest users can create up to three secret boards to use for the holidays – or any other party planning ideas and personal projects that need total confidentiality. At the bottom of your Pinterest profile, users should see an option to add a Secret Board, or add a new one and turn the “Secret” button on. With these limitations set, only you will be able to see these particular boards – unless you invite others to pin with you. If you are invited from someone else to contribute to their Secret Board, this will not count against your three board limit.

Pinterest notes, however, that Secret Boards will only be available on new projects since others may have already re-pinned content from your past public ones. Users will have the option to make their Secret Boards public at a later time by simply turning the “Secret” button off, so you can share that project you’ve been stealthily working on or make room for more secrets ahead.

The new update also comes to mobile versions of Pinterest on both iOS and Android, so expect an update soon if you haven’t received it already. If you’re not seeing Secret Board options just yet, hang tight. The company says this new feature is gradually rolling out and should be available site-wide “very soon.”