Pinterest launches interactive How-to Pins to boost engagement

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Pinterest is seeking to further engage users and brands with a new form of Pin that offers instructional information on everything from cooking to styling.

The How-to Pin, as it’s termed, is a dynamic feature that provides step-by-step instructions, meaning users can now follow and complete a Pinterest guide without ever having to leave the platform.

At present, How-to Pins are only available on Android and the Web in the U.S., France, the U.K., and Germany, with an iOS version in the pipeline.

Additionally, only a few selected brands are able to create the dynamic pins free of charge. General users can search, follow, and repost the pins, or access them by visiting the profile page of the brands. Thus far, How-to Pins have been utilized by popular accounts, including Style Me Pretty,, Home Depot, Greatist, and Seventeen. More than 25 brands and organizations are reportedly gearing up to use the feature.

Brands are already using Pinterest's interactive new Pins
Brands are already using Pinterest’s interactive new Pins

According to Pinterest, How-to Pins allow you to “see at a glance what a Pin might be like to try.” The platform is hoping that the interactive features of the new Pins — which include a snapshot of the steps provided by a selected guide under the Pin image, and the ability to tap on the steps to access full instructions and supplies — will keep users locked to its platform. Regular Pins, on the other hand, tend to link to external websites for additional info.

“One of the main reasons people come to Pinterest is to find ideas they’re excited to try for the first time,” states Pinterest product manager Jason Costa. “In fact, 75% of people say Pinterest is the best place to find new interests, and 67% said it’s the place they come to express creativity.”

If you’re a brand that’s interested in creating How-to Pins, you can get in touch with Pinterest using a contact form on its website.

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