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He thought he got an Apple Watch, but he got a baby instead

pregnancy test hidden in apple watch case baby
What could possibly be better than an Apple Watch on your birthday? How about the news that you’re going to be a father? Both are pretty great, but one is just about priceless, and one lucky man experienced the Apple Watch fake-out firsthand when his wife surprised him on his birthday with some pretty incredible news in some pretty snazzy packaging. Relying on the ingenious marketing that has become the trademark of all things Apple, Wyoming resident Catie Reay decided to announce her big news to her husband in a sleek and sophisticated way. She placed her positive pregnancy test in an Apple Watch box, then handed it to husband Chad. Best of all? She caught it all on camera.

As part of the elaborate setup, Catie made sure to build the suspense for her impending announcement. Handing him the box, she told Chad, “Don’t peek. I’m dead serious. Don’t peek. Are you peeking? OK, you hold them closed …” Chad, ever the obedient and loving husband, complies with her requests, and patiently awaits his surprise gift with one hand held over his eyes.

“I got you something that I wanted us to be able to share together,” Catie says, handing him the Apple Watch box.

When he is finally permitted to open his eyes, his delight is palpable, as he exclaims, “Oh, is this that watch? Really?”

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Posted by Catie Reay on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thinking it couldn’t get any better, Chad opens the box, only to find that Steve Jobs’ empire, as grand as it may be, pales in comparison to the joys of parenthood. When he discovers that he’s been happily pranked, he cries, “WHAT? Are you serious? Are you serious?” His euphoric smile soon gives way to stronger emotions, and Chad is soon overcome with tears of joy. And if that’s not one of the best announcement and reaction to a pregnancy ever caught on camera, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

The touching video, which has since gone viral, garnered well over 11 million views in just five days, and as one of Catie’s friends noted, the couple is now “Facebook famous.” In the comments section, the mother-to-be thanked everyone for their support, writing, “Thank you everyone, our socks have been BLESSED OFF this year. We are stoked!!!”

With a mom with her sense of humor and a dad with Chad’s sensitivity, this is going to be one lucky kid. Congratulations, Reays!

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