Rand Paul uses Twitter to celebrate Festivus

rand paul uses twitter celebrate festivus

Happy Festivus, all ye Seinfeld fans!

Some of the pundits at Fox News aren’t fans of Festivus, the fake holiday invented by Seinfeld writers and embraced by fans every December 23. (Gretchen Carlson spent a segment complaining that the concept was offensive.) But that doesn’t mean everyone on the right side of the political spectrum is against Festivus; Senator Rand Paul (R – KY) is clearly a passionate fan. Paul started tweeting an “airing of grievances” today, riffing off of the fictional holiday’s tradition where people sit their families down and chide them for their shortcomings. 

Paul took to Twitter to share his disappointments with the political culture of Congress, and the Federal Reserve:

Some of the tweets were more light-hearted than others:

And Paul even scored a Cory Booker RT out of his grievance-airing:

If you’re a little lost, please consult this YouTube video for the origins of Festivus: 

[Photo credit: Brian Turner/Flickr]