Reddit's First Official Site-Browsing App for Android Accepting Signups

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Reddit is allowing users to signup to test the beta version of its Android app. Interested users must act fast as the offer is only open till December 18, reports Ubergizmo.

Reddit for Android is a big deal due to the fact that it’s the first official app from the link-sharing website that allows users to actually browse and contribute to its huge range of forums (known as “subreddits”).

In the past, anyone who has wanted to access Reddit in app form was forced to use third-party clients, such as Alien Blue. The launch of an official Reddit app was possibly fueled by the company’s acquisition of that client in October of last year.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman broke the news of an upcoming app in July, asserting that “We’re building it ourselves … and it’s coming along nicely.” A few days ago, a Reddit product manager posted concrete details surrounding the Android beta’s signup process. According to the post, only a few thousand users will be selected for the first round of beta testing. No specific launch date for the beta was provided, but it is expected in the “next month or two.”

Additional information regarding the design and price of Reddit for Android is scarce. Considering that a free version of Alien Blue is currently available — with a premium version packing a $2.00 price tag — it is unlikely Reddit will charge for its official app.

There are also currently no plans to bring the Reddit app to iOS. Therefore, Alien Blue, which was never rebranded to carry the official Reddit moniker, will continue to be the go-to app for iOS users.

At present, there are dozens of third-party Reddit apps on the Google Play Store. The website released its first official app in the form of Reddit AMA, which functions as a reader for the website’s Ask Me Anything interviews. Past AMA participants have included President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and a vacuum repair technician.

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