Redditgifts Marketplace is the perfect place to Christmas shop for the Internet-obsessed

redditgifts marketplace

Who needs Facebook Gifts when you can hit up the shiny new Redditgifts Marketplace for meme-tastic presents this holiday season? Whether you’re a fan of LOLcat videos or Forever Alone memes, the Internet’s favorite social news site now offers a place for real world shopping. 

redditgifts marketplaceOriginally launched in 2009 as a Secret Santa organizer for the Reddit community, Redditgifts has recently been revamped to also target shoppers looking to get individual gifts for their real life family and friends. Users can sign up for an account and buy items directly off the marketplace, or opt to join the Gift Exchanges and Gift Gallery sections so they can start a secret santa group or show off new presents. The grid layout is reminiscent of new eBay meets Etsy, combined with the utility of gift exchange organizer service Elfster. Except, of course, with all these meme-related gifts, your options are perfect for friends who spend all their days on the Web. That is, if they won’t get offended by a Forever Alone plush. Yeah, we didn’t know that existed either.

At the moment, the marketplace is still in beta mode and there is only one page of items for sale, but we expect and hope for more products to pop up as the days draw closer to the holidays. Reddit is currently hand-picking merchants for its marketplace, so for those who want to start selling, you’ll need to apply directly to the Reddit buyers for consideration.

If you’re feeling charitable, of course, you can always hop on the Gift Exchange section and do your best to draw me as your secret santa recipient this year. I’m definitely diggin’ these Reddit Whisky glasses, hint hint.