Senator Rand Paul signs up for Snapchat, adds new platform to share his POV

senator rand paul signs snapchat
Like this picture, but want it sporadically sent to you in disappearing format?

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has joined Snapchat. Paul used Facebook to announce his foray into the disappearing-photo sharing service, and he is expected to send his first snap later this week. 

Here’s his announcement: 


Paul also used Vine to explain his reason for joining Snapchat: 

The Tea Party Congressman doesn’t have progressive politics, but his use of social media is noticeably forward-thinking. He’s all over Twitter, recently using the micro-blogging platform to air his grievances a la Seinfeld, and last March he used it to live-blog his filibuster. And this Snapchat debut will be the first time a prominent U.S. politician has used the app in a political context, though it’s surely not going to be the last. We facetiously suggested that Anthony Weiner should’ve joined Snapchat during his Carlos Danger scandal, but apparently that joke wasn’t too far from reality. 

Snapchat has experienced its share of scandals recently, leading the startup to employ a lobbying group for the first time. With a high-profile fan like Paul, perhaps the young Snapchat team has more allies on the Hill than they think. 

[Photo credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore]