Shed remnants of your relationship with Never liked it anyway

neverlikeditanywayAside from the actual breaking up part, what to do with the leftovers is arguably the worst part of ending a relationship. The tangible remnants of the relationship are everywhere, and they come in the form of sweatshirts, earrings, iPods, video games, you name it. Those odds and ends stick around after it’s all over and while others see them as shiny new toys, you don’t quite share the sentiment.

A new startup wants to save these mementos from a backyard bonfire. Never liked it anyway is an eBay for break-ups, where you can purge yourself of these items with a little catharsis on the side. Reselling jewelry from these sort of disasters has become a popular business (like Out of your life, which will actually send you a “break-up box” for the process), but what about all the other things that get left behind?

Buyers also benefit: a Mac case is half-priced on the site, with a note explaining that the seller’s boyfriend “was never a good listener. Which probably explains why he bought me a Mac Air case… not only did I not have a Mac, I didn’t even have a computer yet.”

The site relies on humor and heartstrings more than ease of use. The buying process is less technical than Amazon and eBay addicts will like, as it begins by merely messaging the seller to set up the deal via PayPal. And the inventory is lacking at the moment. But the stories of failed relationships are where the intrigue lies, and also what leads to some serious under-pricing.

Still, Never liked it anyway is skewed in favor of the lovelorn. In addition to clearing out some space, you get to gripe about your ex—something that won’t help your sale over at Craigslist, but definitely will here. You even rate your recovery since the breakup, which include a bevy of emotions like “What break up?” and “Getting drunk too often.” 

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