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Snapchat now lets you use front and rear cameras for your videos

snapchat vp product camera update
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Snapchat users rejoice: Using the app’s camera just got a bit smoother.

The company recently an update — version 9.9.0 — that lets iPhone users seamlessly move between the front and rear cameras while they’re recording a snap. Until now, users had only been able to switch between the two cameras for photographs; switching between cameras for video was impossible. In fact, if you were a hardcore video user, you were probably accustomed to physically turning the phone around in your hands to record yourself or your chums.

Switching between the two cameras is now easy as pie. Simply double-tap the screen while recording your videos. Huzzah!

Sure, it’s a small update — TechCrunch noted recently that Snapchat hasn’t even publicized it on the blog or social media — but it’s a practical one, nonetheless.

Snapchat’s whole reason for being is to show friends what you’re doing, as you’re doing it, with the impermanence of snaps also promoting short attention spans. However, the previous inability to quickly switch between the front and rear cameras meant that videos were mostly just restricted to one point of view, which sort of put a damper on the app’s sharing concept. Thanks to this update, videos should become more collaborative and complete.

There’s still more to it, according to iClarified. Login verification now means that users signing into Snapchat on a new device will get an SMS code to verify their identities. This new setting can be turned on in Settings. Users can also take advantage of battery filters. Each time users send a snap, they can now include info on whether their phones are fully charged or perhaps running low on power — which can give friends a heads up in case of unexpected interruptions.

To get your hands on this new update, just head over to the Apple Store.

The company frequently updates its app to provide users with new ways to use its service, as well as to incorporate user feedback to make the user experience more enjoyable. Earlier this year, the company introduced an emoji update and Discover, a new way to find content from major brands like National Geographic and Yahoo News.

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Showing up to a videoconference as your digital avatar can be quite fun. Apple lets you do just that with Memojis during FaceTime. If you want something more ambitious on a different platform, Avatarify will turn into Albert Einstien or Mona Lisa for Zoom calls. But what if you could bring an AI conversation to life? Say, by talking to ChatGPT as if OpenAI’s AI was a CGI person talking to you on a video call?
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A ChatGPT-powered video call in action
Another limitation is that you need at least the iPhone 12 or a later model to start a video call with Annie because the real-time conversion of linguistic prompts into visual cues draws power from Apple’s Neural Engine.
The app’s makers claim that talking to Annie “face-to-face in real time time feels more natural and faster than typing and reading text.” So far, the sample videos we have seen on social media, like the one above, show a fairly convincing video call interface.
Right now, Annie appears to be pretty good at holding a fluent conversation, even though the voice sounds robotic, and the phrase pausing could also use some work. The answers, however, are typical of the answers you would get while texting back-and-forth with ChatGPT. And given enough time and improved voice training, Call Annie interactions can become a lot more natural-sounding.
It all brings back memories of the sci-fi flick Her, in which Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls in love with one such AI. One user asked on Reddit whether Annie can have a “memory” system that will turn it into a smarter “friend,” to which the app developers replied with “soon.”
This is only the beginning for Annie
Users who have tried the app note that it occasionally flubs the pronunciation of words, but once corrected, it also learns right away. One user described this experience as “scary stuff.”Another issue it has is with pronouncing words in languages other than English, something that the developers are trying to fix.
Thanks to its ChatGPT smarts, the app’s developers say it can help you with everything from learning and web searches to serving as a tour guide or even a virtual companion. We don’t know if it’s as smart as other virtual partner apps like Replika, but considering the fact that Annie is based on ChatGPT (and its vast data training model), you can have a significantly deeper and fact-driven conversation with Annie.
Animato’s App Store description notes that the AI keeps all conversations “confidential” but hasn’t specified what kind of security measures have been put in place and whether it uses the user conversations for training and refining Annie’s systems.

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