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Snapchat’s first unscripted original will be a reality show about breakups

Snapchat is set to get its first unscripted original show courtesy of the latest in its recent run of video content deals, this time with entertainment media company A+E Networks.

The deal includes a series of shows based on the company’s portfolio of brands (among them Lifetime, History, and FYI), a number of which are already in development, reports Variety.

A+E Networks’ first offering will come courtesy of its in-house agency 45th & Dean. Dubbed Second Chance, the unscripted, eight-part weekly series will reunite old flames for the first time since their breakup to hash out the problems that led to their split. The show marks the first time a TV network has produced an unscripted original for the app that isn’t based on an existing property.

Snapchat’s deal with A+E Networks comes in the wake of a number of recent high-profile media partnerships with the likes of Turner, E! News, BBC Worldwide, and The New York Times. It seems content is king for the visual messaging app, which is seeking avenues tied to its Discover section to keep users glued to its platform. According to its IPO filing, Snapchat developer Snap Inc. spent a total of $58 million on content deals last year through its ad-sharing revenue model, up from just $9.6 million in 2015.

“A+E’s investment in mobile storytelling is exactly what Snapchat shows are all about: The ability to create premium and wholly original content for a mobile-first audience from some of the best storytellers in the world,” said Nick Bell, VP of content at Snap. “We are excited to break new ground with A+E Networks on our first unscripted series, with a concept that we think is raw and relatable.”

Snapchat already boasts video partnerships with NBC and Disney-ABC (Disney also owns a 50 percent stake in A+E Networks). Second Chance will be available on Snapchat in the United States, Canada, the U.K., and Australia starting in April.

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