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Start-Ups: Silicon Valley episode 3 recap: Dirty dancing divas

In the third episode of Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, things finally seem like business were taking place. Kim is fed up with her job situation at Ampush Media and wants to start her own business (in fashion. Very original) and the British siblings visit an industrial design firm to check out the prototype for their invention. Kim spends most of the episode seeking the advice of friends who’ve had experience starting companies, while Hermione and Ben fight over where to get $150,000 to pay the industrial design firm for the prototype. Unfortunately, while these developments are somewhat interesting and give the real insight to what being an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley is like, much of the coverage is overshadowed by the drama between our leading blondes: Hermione and Sarah.

Last we left off, Sarah livecasted her un-date with Jay and hasn’t heard from him since. Little does she know that Jay has planned a “real” date with Hermione: a drinking and dancing night at a sexy Brazilian restaurant. Things get steamy, the two get drunk off some potent margaritas, and they share a passionate kiss on the dance floor. It’s clear that Hermione’s date with Jay seems much more natural; there’s no sense of expectation or distraction since Hermione isn’t off tweeting about every detail of the night. Jay ends up taking Hermione home without wanting to stay the night, and Hermione is left frustrated with whatever female version of blue balls is. The next day she tells Ben in all every detail. Yep, still incestuous.

Meanwhile, David – realizing that he’s $3,000 in debt – shows up at Sarah’s Four Seasons suite to ask for a loan. He effectively starts the conversation off by telling her about his irritative bowel movements and possible gallstones. Sarah is not impressed. Immediately after, he inquires if she would ever loan a friend some cash, only to be rejected by Queen Bee when she cites having already committed to lending a family member money. “I’m not a bank,” she says in the confessional, bopping her chin forward like she’s appalled David saw her as a kind enough friend.

Later that week, David and Sarah meet up for “gay line dancing.” But it’s okay, straight people can totally come so Jay is also invited. The manufactured drama is intensified when the group takes a dancing break and David starts the conversation off by asking how Jay’s date with Hermione went. Sarah, jealous that Jay never contacted her for a second date, calls him out for “date-cheating,” throws water at his face, and storms out of the room. David goes after her to see if she’s okay, only to note that whatever Jay might have done did not deserve her getting all physical. Sarah retorts by saying that technically it wasn’t physical because “it was water” and admits the reaction came from “a place of sadness.” I don’t know what kind of world has her believe that one un-date means you have exclusivity with a guy, but our baby princess is now teary-eyed. This is the stuff Silicon Valley girls cry over, ladies and gents.

Is Start-Ups really about six Silicon Valley insiders? I’m almost forgetting that Dwight exists now that he’s gotten a combined airtime of three minutes since the premiere. Next week: Kim quits her job, Hermione and Ben get drunk and belligerent, and I’ll try not to cry watching yet another episode.

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