Stickers are now available via Facebook’s Web platform

facebook stickersFacebook users who chat via their iOS app have been able to send giant-sized stickers for a while now, thanks to the social network’s initiative to spice up their mobile experience. However, that particular feature left Web users no way to reciprocate … until now. The social media giant recently announced that starting this week, users who prefer to browse through Facebook on their desktops will be able to gain access to a collection of stickers.

Using stickers on Facebook’s Web platform is pretty easy and is similar to the way you would use it through either the official Facebook Mobile or Facebook Messenger apps for both iOS and Android. Instead of being limited to a small selection of generic smileys we’ve all come to know as Emoticons, users can now make their private messages more interesting by tapping on any of the new sticker packages, Pusheen – which essentially is a bigger and cuter version of Emoticons – and Meep, because you know … we love cats.

facebook stickers new

If neither of the two new packages tickle your fancy, you can click on the basket icon to access the Sticker Store, where emoji aficionados can append more sticker packs to the existing list. All packages are currently available for free, but the fact that Facebook isolated these stickers within a store page pretty much means they intend to charge a small fee for it sometime in the future.

facebook sticker store

Facebook is getting better and better at providing its users a wide variety of ways to express how they feel – it started with the Livejournal-esque mood function that allowed people to be more specific about what they’re currently doing when posting status updates. The social network then upped the ante by finally giving users the ability to respond through a photo comment.

But this all begs the question: What about animated GIFs, Facebook? When asked whether they intended to make the function available, the company did their best to not provide a clear-cut answer and leave us wanting more. And wanting more, we are! 

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