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Stublisher, a platform for collecting and reliving your social life, opens to the public

stublisher 2.0At last falls’s PIE demo day, Stublisher was a standout as arguably the one true social product from the incubator. The idea behind Stublisher is simple: The platform takes experiences and events and the information you’re sharing around them to create interactive landing pages in real time. In a nutshell, and per the startup’s central theme, Stublisher isn’t about what you Like, is about what you do.

Since demo day, co-founder Kyle Banuelos tells me the team has been busy cleaning up the product and getting ready for a hard launch, as Stublisher is now exiting private beta and open to new users. Banuelos says the site sports a redesign that makes it easier to use and more interesting the look at, and that sharing content you find on Stublisher out to other networks is more intuitive.

The new Stublisher involves a quick and dirty sign up and in process, in which it pulls your information from other networks and allows you to customize your profile. Then, it’s up to you to find what events you want to feed into your page. You can list what friends attended with you, regardless of whether they have Stublisher accounts or not, and you’ll soon populate a feed of experiences you’ve had and places you’ve gone.

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Banuelos says the original iteration was rushed out the door for demo day and to start beta testing. And testing Stublisher did: “What we found through the past few months from a small group of stublisher my profilepassionate users, is that people weren’t just interested in seeing photos from events they’ve been to, but also interested in seeing photos from artists they are about, teams they follow, and discovering events and palces they didn’t even know existed.”

To that end, Stublisher is working on partnerships with artists and event organizers to bring that type of content to the platform. Banuelos says the exposure is mutually beneficial; users get this behind-the-scenes access to the people and events they care about, and the eyeballs those entities get (provided Stublisher continues to grow its reach) are obviously invaluable. It’s the social networking cycle, and it’s one that various products are hinging their businesses on.

Still, there’s a difference between social apps for social apps’ sake and those trying to pinpoint a vacancy in the market. “Stublisher bridges the gap between social and aggregation tools,” Banuelos says. “On top of the media we’re aggregating from events, we’re building a community – creating a place for people to collect, relive, and share their real life experience.”

“Both the aggregated media and community we’re fostering is valuable to the various brands we’re working with because they’re finally able to leverage the story that fans are telling for them, and integrate into emotional experiences digitally.”

Next up, of course, is mobile. “I think one of the biggest challenges is displaying the mass amount of content we’re aggregating on such a small screen, so we’re taking our time to get it right,” he says, adding that the team wants to make sure the mobile version “has a personality of its own.” New iterations will continue, although it’s obvious how important mobile is to an app focused on events. For now, however, the new and improved Stublisher 2.0 lives on in the Web.

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