StumbleUpon engineers help man propose to girlfriend


Noted in a recent post on the official StumbleUpon blog, the employees at the social media company lent a helping hand to a lovesick Stumbler from Wyoming. A group of engineers at the company assisted 25-year-old Tyrel in proposing to his 23-year-old girlfriend Marquita through a seemingly random collection of Internet pages. The engineers created a specific stumble session of Internet sites onto Marquita’s StumbleUpon account and collaborated with Tyrel to pick out a preset time when the session would be active.

wedding-proposalTyrel had handpicked a collection of quirky sites themed around love including a photo shoot of a recently married couple warding off a zombie attack and a YouTube video of a Siberian husky named Mishka that barks out “I Love You”. The final click of the stumble button led to Tyrel’s Tumblr account that he setup especially for the proposal. As Marquita scrolled down the page, she viewed photos of Tyrel holding up a whiteboard that slowly spelled out “Will You Marry Me?”.  In addition, Tyrel recorded the proposal through two cameras to publish the video on YouTube. The first camera watched a high angle of the couple as Tyrel was on one knee waiting and the second camera recorded Marquita’s facial expression as it occurred.  (See the video below.)

The couple both have StumbleUpon accounts and frequently spend afternoons wandering through the Internet with the social networking sites. This social wedding proposal is just a continuing string of web-infused proposals. Last week, a Google employee in New York City used a clever application of Google Maps to lead his girlfriend on a scavenger hunt of love. In 2009, a man named Grant Robertson proposed to Mashable writer Christina Warren over Twitter, but that wasn’t the first marriage proposal over the micro-blogging social network.

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