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Taco Bell has 600 hilarious GIFs and images for you to express your taco love

taco bell created 600 gifs and images to celebrate arrival of emoji
Attention taco lovers: Taco Bell has created the taco emoji engine, a Twitter-based instant-response feature that churns out 600 photos and animated GIFs, all to celebrate the arrival of the new taco emoji. Tweet @TacoBell with the taco emoji and another emoji, and an amusing mashup image of the two is tweeted back at you.

For example, tweeting a taco and a sunglass-wearing smiley face will yield a taco wearing sunglasses.

We tweeted emojis of taco and sushi, and we received a photo of a hard-shell taco nigiri (which looks pretty good, to be honest). Here’s what happens when you ponder about tacos:

The new emoji is thanks in part to a petition Taco Bell set up in November 2014, calling for a taco icon. The petition received 33,000 signatures, and the Unicode Consortium unveiled a taco emoji in June 2015 (although that’s based on most requested icons from users). With the arrival of iOS 9.1, the taco emoji was added to the native keyboard.

Offline, Taco Bell is handing out four limited-edition Doritos Locos Taco (DLT) holsters at its stores, each highlighting the new emoji. The holsters are aimed at Instagram-loving, Taco Bell-eating millennials and teens who might share on the photo social network.

doritos locos taco holster

“They’re all meant to be fun, almost collectible pieces. I think they’re going to be highly Instagrammable,” Marisa Thalberg, Taco Bell’s chief brand engagement officer, told Adweek.

The fast-food restaurant worked with creative agency Deutsch L.A. on the new social media campaign, which will tied to the company’s revamped website (with clever URL, As a brand and foodstuff that resonate with young people, it would sense for Taco Bell to leverage social media to its advantage. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a Crunchwrap Supreme to sink our teeth into.

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