Take This Lollipop makes Facebook stalking personal – and horrifying

lollipopWell if you weren’t already nervous about the dangers of sharing your information online, Take This Lollipop will make sure you are. The Facebook application pulls various pieces of your information and throws them into a short film where a very terrifying and very sweaty cyber stalker is pouring through your profile and plotting your potential death.

If you have a Facebook profile, you’re well aware that there’s a possibility someone has trolled through your public data. But to actually watch a disturbed individual access your family, friends, pictures—and eventually location—is surreal and chilling to say the least.

picture in car

It’s also a creative way to simultaneously grab your attention and scare you into being a little more careful with your Facebook information. Although we can’t help but find it ironic that you have to allow this third party app access to your data in order to use it…

Check out this promo video to see what you’re getting yourself into. 

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