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The best new way to use Instagram is for recipe inspiration

the best new way to use instagram is for recipe inspiration cookies
Have you grown weary of your friends’ useless photos of pets and selfies on Instagram? If you see one more beach pic, are you going to chuck your iPhone at the sidewalk? There’s a lot of superfluous nonsense on Instagram, none of which will help you become a better anything – but if you want to ditch the meaningless drivel of life-bragging, then you should check out the recipe book Instagram videos have spontaneously created.

Just shoot off a quick search via Statigram or another Instagram Web app for #recipe, #cooking, #baking, or even specific dishes you’re trying to make. Look for the videos and voila – a simple, beautiful, quick way to get some culinary inspiration. No, this isn’t food porn: It’s meals you can actually make.

Obviously you aren’t going to find step-by-step tutorials for immaculate (i.e., impossible) foods you see on Pinterest – so why are users doing these incredibly pared down quick-takes? One of the video creators featured below, Namae Mioji, who has her own health food blog, says she simply started it because of the demand – her followers wanted to see meal prep and ideas in short Instagram videos.

How about a few to get you started? Why not.

Prawn crackers

Making our own prawn crackers! ???????? #chinese #food #cooking #chefem #foodporn #tasty #prawncrackers #yum

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Homemade Doritos

Home made Doritos! :)

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Healthy empanadillas

Empanadillas al horno ????

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