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Twitter updates conversations format so that you can actually follow them

the latest twitter update should make your feed feel more organized now convo
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Anybody with over a hundred followers or followees on Twitter has their work cut out for them if they want to be on top of everybody’s updates. 140-character online pieces of repartee are even harder to follow once back-and-forth mentions come in. Thankfully, the micro-blogging site’s latest update includes an organizational feature that keeps conversations in line, literally:

twitter conversations 1
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Conversations now appear in chronological order, making it easier for anyone to keep updated sans confusion. A vertical line connects the first three tweets in the sequence; if there are more, a link appears telling you how many more tweets you can read in the conversation:

twitter conversations 2
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Clicking on “more replies” will expand the tree and add the succeeding tweets in the conversation line, including those from people you don’t currently follow.

twitter conversations 3
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The latest update affects Twitter’s Web platform as well as its official iPhone and Android apps. Users can easily share conversations through email from the Web, to both Twitter and non-Twitter friends. For both mobile apps, users can share individual tweets by email, and additionally on Android, by direct message.

That’s not the only highlight of the update. According to Twitter’s official announcement, reporting abusive or spam-laden tweets are now easier. The feature – already available on Twitter for iPhone – will be made available on both Twitter’s Web platform and Android app.

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