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11 Royal Baby tweets that prove brands have lost their damn minds

twitter charmin

Hysteria over the royal baby has been building for awhile. 10 days ago, E! News’ pre-birth coverage was revealed. The site has been ready to hit publish on an article announcing the birth of a baby [boy/girl], named [to be determined] on [insert date here] for what can only be assumed was at least a few weeks. But now the baby (boy) is here and the Internet has up and lost its damn mind. 

Everybody wants a piece of the barely-born new prince; actually, it’s more accurate to say every brand wants a piece. Marketers just can’t miss a chance to profit off a craze, and a baby is as good an opportunity as any. The tweets range from weird (looking at you, InStyle) to gross (Charmin’ doesn’t deviate from its normal agenda – which is basically “reference poop”). 

There are so many things that can be said about the state of media and real-time reporting and citizen journalism right now, but that’s some low hanging fruit. Instead, here are the worst brand tweets that leverage the birth of some child who will someday know that Magnum Ice Cream celebrated his birth with a promoted tweet. 

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