The Winklevoss twins are now pistachio pitchmen


They’ve gone from almost inventing Facebook to peddling nuts. The Winklevoss twins do not want to let go of the spotlight. In a settlement with Facebook a few years back, the duo netted $65 million from Mark Zuckerberg and Company. These days, the value of that settlement (in Facebook shares) is worth more than $120 million, according to the NY Times, but Tyler and Cameron aren’t content. The Winklevosses have made quite a name for themselves in the past few years, suing, settling, then re-suing, and re-suing, and appealing, and appealing Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook because they feel that Zuckerberg screwed them again in the settlement, actually owing them about four times the amount he paid, which would have made them billionaires by the time Facebook goes public. Earlier this year, they toyed with taking the case to the Supreme Court, but then decided against it

Of course, though they consider themselves idea men, they haven’t been involved in any start up activity since ConnectU settled with Facebook (that we know of). More concerned with fame and easy payouts, now they are pitching Wonderful Pistachios. In the commercial below, one twin cracks a nut with one hand and the other says “that’s a good idea,” asking “do you think somebody will steal it?” Both twins look at the camera and say “Who would do that?” It’s hard to say if they’re asking for pity or taking a jab at Zuckerberg, but they don’t make their point very well. Anybody can point out that cracking a nut with one hand is a good idea, but it takes a crazy dedicated soul like Mark Zuckerberg to make it happen. It’s hard to say where Facebook (or ConnectU) would have been if the Winklevosses would have owned it, but it likely wouldn’t be one of the largest sites on the Web. 

Hopefully Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss enjoy their free pistachios. Though, we wonder how long it will be until they sue the nut company…

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