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Allow us to introduce the world’s first Vine movie trailer

the wolverine vine trailer

Twitter bought out Vine before it even launched with a bet that the platform could be nurtured into the Instagram of video. Growing the video sharing app to critical mass is a work in progress, but along the way some creative uses of the app are emerging. The latest is a teaser (can it be called a trailer?) for the upcoming Hugh Jackman film, The Wolverine. The actual trailer isn’t set to hit until tomorrow, so Vine has the earliest look at the forthcoming movie. 

Vine wants you to use just milliseconds of a clip before cutting out to another view. The way the platform is set up is perfect for a flick that’s traditionally full of cut scenes, and given that The Wolverine is an action film, it’s naturally suited for the format. It is a little bit too chaotic though – anyone who’s prone to seizures may want to be wary (not literally – but it is pretty frantic). But the quality isn’t really what’s the point here: It’s the fact that major brands and attractions are paying a lot of attention to Vine.

Obviously this isn’t the new trailer medium – six seconds just aren’t enough. But we’d expect that franchises (including video game franchises) are going to start teasing content this way; it’s easy to use, free, and Twitter is  making a big push to publicize and get user eyes on Vines. What’s there to lose on the production side? Not a lot. 

Brands have taken to Vine extremely quickly … almost too quickly, if you ask us. The flooding of this type of content, though interesting, means that a period of user control and experimentation is going to be difficult for Vine to foster. The cycle of user ubiquity and testing followed by corporate takeover followed by user drop off is being disrupted here, so will we grow tired of Vine before we can even really know what it is? 

You can check out The Wolverine Vine below. 

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