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Instagram proves we are big time fatties

these are the restaurants we love instagramming from ig popular header
If you use Instagram at all, you’re no doubt bombarded with pictures of your friends’ food on the regular. The “look what I’m eating” photo has become something of a joke to Instagram, but despite some of the negative connotations associated with this form of food porn, it’s an incredibly popular Insta-pastime. But if you thought we were mostly bragging about all the lobster and prime rib and champagne we’re daintily consuming, boy were you dead wrong. According to MomentFeed‘s tally of the most popular restaurants we’re sharing Instagrams from, we are big fat fatties who like to shovel grease into our mouth holes.

While Starbucks far and away takes the lead (just can’t get enough of that logo, can we?), the results show that we are eating and Instagramming primarily from fast food and chain restaurants – most of which boast notoriously high-calorie foods. Take a look – these numbers were based on geo-tagged Instagram images from the past three months.

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Rank Restaurant # of Instagrams
1 Starbucks 109,054
2 The Cheesecake Factory 27,880
3 Applebee’s 19,197
4 In-N-Out 18,848
5 Chili’s 16,914
6 Buffalo Wild Wings 14,636
7 Olive Garden 13,269
8 TGI Friday’s 12,539
9 Denny’s 12,444
10 McDonald’s 12,324
11 Hooters 12,201
12 Panera Bread 11,657
13 Qdoba 10,980
14 Chipotle 9,937
15 Hard Rock Cafe 9,847
16 Outback Steakhouse 9,540
17 Dave & Buster’s 9,426
18 Dunkin’ Donuts 9,336
19 Texas Roadhouse 8,664
20 Taco Bell 8,241
21 P.F. Chang’s 7,873
22 Dairy Queen 7,864
23 BJ’s Restaurant 7,164
24 Chick-fil-A 6,915
25 Red Lobster 6,797
26 Burger King 6,777
27 Sonic Drive-In 6,572
28 California Pizza Kitchen 6,525
29 Red Robin 6,246
30 Yogurtland 6,158
31 Subway 5,535
32 Johnny Rockets 4,231
33 Margaritaville 3,746
34 Wendy’s 3,694
35 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 3,690
36 Jamba Juice 3,401
37 Jack in the Box 3,165
38 Pizza Hut 3,162
39 Chevy’s 3,135
40 KFC 2,978
4 Wingstop 2,956
42 Famous Dave’s 2,807
43 Romano’s Macaroni Grill 2,339
44 Fox & Hound 2,298
45 Arby’s 2,202
46 Bonefish Grill 2,165
47 Five Guys Burgers and Fries 2,165
48 Islands 1,958
49 Fleming’s Steakhouse 1,586
50 Moe’s Southwest Grill 1,542
51 Capital Grille 1,539
52 Domino’s Pizza 1,414
53 Carl’s Jr. 1,393
54 White Castle 1,360
55 Seasons 52 1,303
56 Del Taco 973
57 Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen 922
58 Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill 845
59 El Pollo Loco 674
60 Cinnabon 514
61 Baja Fresh Mexican Grill 498
62 Eddie V’s 486
63 Firehouse Subs 452
64 Zoe’s Kitchen 362
65 Polly’s Pies 193

Maybe this chart isn’t quite doing it for you though. Fortunately, there are images literally visualizing these food trends. These Instagrams paint a picture of the aforementioned stats (and our general gluttony) – plus, filters.


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What does this all mean? That we Americans love taking pictures of our sodium-rich foods and hate our arteries.

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