Hey Yahoo, here are a few hints about what Tumblr users want, as written by Tumblr users

improve tumblrIt’s been mere days since Yahoo officially announced its acquisition of Internet’s beloved Tumblr, and already concerned netizens are dishing out not-so-optimistic reactions to the billion-dollar deal. It’s over, people … Tumblr is now Yahoo’s newest toy. Doubt it all you want – there’s nothing we can do about it.  No wait, there is! There may be a bit of hope left for those worried about Tumblr’s future, and it’s been used in haste to create a Tumblr suggestion box.

Created by Tumblr aficionado Andrew Stichbury, HowTheyCouldImprove is basically one avid user’s opinion on what needs improving when it comes to his favorite social media site’s functionality. “I love Tumblr, it’s an excellent concept, presented in a minimalist approach with amazing results,” Stichbury explains in his blog’s disclaimer. “But I often find myself curious as to why it is I often need or want features that should just be there.” 

Stichbury’s blog is currently only four pages long, but with the recent Yahoo-Tumblr merge, his suggestions may play an important part in maintaining (if not improving) Tumblr’s existing cool-kid-on-the-social-media-block status. Here are some of his more basic propositions:

Other suggestions are a lot more complex, but will surely enhance everyone’s Tumblr experience, such as the ability to search a specific blog (which will be useful for finding a particular post from a favorite blogger instead of searching Tumblr in its entirety) or being able to filter your Tumblr exploration by content type. And if you want to see other users’ takes on Stichbury’s ideas, look no further than the many, many reblogs each post is getting, with their own additions in tow. 

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