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Celebrating Tumblr’s 100 million blog milestone


We are very much aware that Tumblr is an active member of the Internet big leagues – in fact, quite recently we found out that for users of ages between 13 and 18, Tumblr is actually starting to overthrow Facebook. It’s popularity is inarguable, especially given that Tumblr has now reached the 100 million blog count. That’s around 44.6 billion (yes, billion) blog posts, over 80 million of them made today alone. That’s a lot of animated GIFs, guys. 

Around this time last year, Tumblr reportedly had about 50 million blogs; that means in only a year, the multipurpose social networking tool-meets-blog has doubled its audience.

Ever since its inception back in 2007, Tumblr has made a name for itself as one of the creative, user-friendly social networking sites on the Web. In a month, an average of 161 million people all over the world visit Tumblr, 55 million of those from the U.S. alone.

To celebrate this wonderful achievement, we have compiled a few Tumblr blogs that are worth checking out today.


Start a blog on Tumblr, get a book deal

That’s what the guy behind PeopleWho – a frustrated anthropologist who calls himself “wireless G” – experienced personally when his blog of rants made it big. What exactly makes him so relatable? Everybody has something or someone to complain about (whether warranted or not), no exceptions; the art of complaining has never sounded so bitter sweet.

On a related note, meet Allie Hagan, blogger-turned-author of Suri’s Burn Book. What initially began as a venture into good ol’ celebrity baby-watching turned into something even more addicting – following the gospel according to Suri Cruise, who apparently spares no one from the wrath of her high-brow critiques. The Tumblr posts have slowed down, but now that the book is available, Hagan Suri is back to business.

Last on our “made it to book version” list is The Books They Gave Me, which is essentially now a book about books. In her blog, author Jen Adams recounts the many stories she’s received on how books changed people’s lives, and they offer a variety of emotions that range from heartbreaking to incredibly endearing. Literature is truly a very powerful thing – you can read through the proof by getting the book from various sources online

Tumblr tunes

Why shouldn’t we use Tumblr for music discovery? If you’re looking for sweet, sexy time music (or just looking for some mood music to help you, uh, score points), there’s no need to automatically turn to Sade or Kenny G. – promises to hook you up. If you’re not necessarily hunting for new songs but are hoping to run into some oldies-but-goodies you forgot or never knew existed, (pronounced tune) promises music to love, one song a week. 


There are some serious couch potatoes out there who are also addicted to Tumblr – and God bless them and their TV commentary. Take for example the people behind TV Hangover: Whether they’re excited over Mad Men’s upcoming new season or regretting ever watching MTV’s Underemployed, it’s all the same to them – shooting the TV breeze is what they do best, and they’re loved for it. For a small dose of bookish intellect while zoning out in front of the boob tube, you can recover from all the bad TV-bashing through Slaughterhouse 90210, a blog that finds an appropriate literary quote to accompany a TV show screencap.   

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