Turn your Facebook into an actual book with Ninuku Archivist

NinukuScrap those plans to write your autobiography, Ninuku Archivist can do it for you. The site analyzes your Facebook and sucks out photos, profile information, and comments to generate a chronological, printable, PDF-version of your life – rather, your life since you registered for a Facebook account. For $24 a year, the service collects information from your profile on a monthly basis, and gives you the option to edit, delete, or add anything you want. There’s also a Private Thoughts feature, so you can clarify “cryptic status updates” or include a footnote on how much you regret taking that photo.

Talk about taking narcissism to a new level. In case perusing your own Facebook and gleaning every public detail about your life wasn’t enough, you can sit down with a printed, collated, hell, maybe even bound, copy of your Facebook activity. And of course, you are allowing a third party vendor a considerable amount of access to your account. Albeit, it was already on Facebook, but let’s not forget the legal repercussions various applications are experiencing for how they handled user data.

On a less cynical note, there are some definite advantages to using something like Ninuku, the largest being the ability to clean your profile out. After converting your information into a PDF, the tool gives you the option of deleting anything you want from Facebook’s servers by simply sending you the direct links to everything it assembles.

And there is the sentimental value, if you’re into that kind of thing. The once-obligatory boxes full of photos and letters are swiftly disappearing in these digital times, and Ninuku is an easy way to replace that.