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Huggies TweetPee sends you a tweet when the baby pees


Detailed on an official page created by agency Ogilvy Brazil, the Huggies TweetPee is a small, connected device that attaches to the front of a baby’s diaper and alerts a parent when the baby urinates in the diaper and needs a change. Utilizing a humidity sensor with the small device, the TweetPee constantly monitors humidity levels and fires off a tweet notification to a linked iPhone smartphone. A few of the messages sent from the TweetPee include phrases like “Time to Change,” “Oops, Did a few drops,” and “Everything OK here.” It’s likely that the TweetPee continues to relay notifications at preset times based off the current measurement taken by the humidity sensor.

Huggies Tweetpee smartphone notificationsBeyond notifications, the user can assign a take a picture of their baby within the application and set the age of the child. The application keeps track of each time a diaper has to be changed during the day and parents can look at a complete history of that data over the last few weeks.

Ideally, this data can help the parents plan out how many diapers are needed for the upcoming month. In addition, the application allows users to purchase more Huggies diapers and notifies the user when the current stockpile is running low. 

At this time, it looked like the Huggies TweetPee is being test marketed to Brazilian customers. The Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the owner of the Huggies brand, hasn’t announced any plans to roll out the TweetPee in North America. In addition, Ogilvy Brazil hasn’t announced the availability of the TweetPee sensor or the price on the device.

Assuming the connected device generates brand loyalty and repeat orders of Huggies brand diapers, it’s possible that the company could sell the device for a very low cost or even give it away to customers. You can check out the promotional video for the product below (in Portuguese): 

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