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Twitter adds new analytics tool to help power users get more clicks to their links

twitter adds new analytics tool card

Twitter has introduced a new way for power users to see which of the links and media they put up on the micro-blogging site are getting good responses.

“Analytics for Twitter cards” gives users two ways to gauge how their tweets that contain media are faring. First, they can look at how many Twitter users have engaged with these tweets, with a graph showcasing which days are better than others for user engagement. Then, they can look at how their follower rate compares. Analytics for Twitter Cards identifies spikes in followers, so if one of your tweets seems to have inspired people to follow your account, you will know which one it is. 

The product isn’t designed for the average Twitter user. It is meant for brands, companies, and individuals with very large followings (a.k.a. celebrities). To use it, you need to have Twitter Cards enabled, so this tool is going to mean more to marketers and social media managers than it will if you mainly use Twitter to follow sports blogs. 

It might be of great interest to you if you’re following how Twitter’s stock is doing, though, because this is a good product that will appeal to the accounts that pay Twitter money and keep the micro-blogging service in business. 

If you want a more casual Twitter analytics service, Digital Trends has recommended several in the past, like Twitonomy. 

Want to know more about how this will work? Check out the video Twitter made to explain it:

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