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Twitter improves search with new filters for its iOS and Android apps

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If you’re an avid Twitter user and often find yourself making use of the app’s search function, then the update rolled out by the microblogging service on Tuesday will certainly be of interest.

The latest version, for both iOS and Android, adds new search filters designed to make it easier to find the content you’re looking for.

So, once you’ve typed your term into the app’s search box and pulled up the results in the usual way, you can now filter them by tapping the tiny slider icon located inside the search box to the right. 

This brings up a ‘refine results’ list, allowing you to choose from photos, video, news, and people. More options offer results from ‘all people’ or just ‘people you follow’, as well as location-based results showing astwitter search filters ‘everywhere’ and ‘near you’.

Selecting photos, for example, does what it says on the tin, pulling up tweets with images related to your search term. You also have the option to view the images as a list or in a grid view, with the latter turning your display into something resembling Flickr’s ‘recent images’ page, filling the screen with pictures separated by thin white borders.

The video filter, on the other hand, splits results between ‘all videos’ and ‘Vine’ videos.

Filters for search will be a welcome addition for many users fed up with wading through the mass of jumbled returns offered by the original function, though unfiltered searches are of course still available to those who prefer it that way.

Other new features include a trending timeline in Discover that displays trends together with associated tweets. You can view information on trending TV shows and nearby events. 

Check out the entire changelog below:

Find exactly what you’re looking for.

•Search results now show content that is filtered to the type of moments you want.

See what’s trending on TV and close by to you.

•After you’ve browsed through all trends in Discover, you’ll see additional trends about both TV and local content.

Better login verification.

•Take a screenshot of your verification backup code when you enroll or generate a new one.

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