Twitter ousts Facebook to take top spot in ‘best tech employee’ chart

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Twitter has taken the ‘best tech employee’ crown for the first time in an annual survey by jobs and career site Glassdoor. The site’s sixth annual Employees’ Choice Awards, which involves firms in the US, placed Twitter second in the overall list, with consulting firm Bain & Company taking the top spot.

Tech firms are well represented overall, with more than 20 holding places in the top 50.

Right behind the microblogging service is LinkedIn at number 3, while Facebook slipped from the top spot last year to 5th place this. Google comes in at number 8, though Apple is way down in 35th place, one position lower than last year.

Twitter will be pleased charting so high, especially considering it didn’t even make the top 50 last year, or in any other year for that matter.

In a Glassdoor video shot recently at its San Francisco headquarters, Twitter’s VP of human resources, Janet Van Huysse, described the award as “a validation of the really talented, passionate people that we’ve hired.”

As you might expect, the rest of the video (below) contains smiling employees exuding oodles of positivity and happiness, with comments including everything from “it feels like we’re working in the future” to, perhaps most importantly, “the food is amazing.”

Glassdoor compiled its list after surveying more than 500,000 employees across the US who were asked to rate their job satisfaction together with other elements of their work such as benefits, career advancement opportunities, and work-life balance.

Survey participants are encouraged to be open and honest in their responses in order to highlight not only the positive aspects of their working conditions, but also the areas they’re not so happy about.

You can check out Glassdoor’s full top 50 list for best places to work here.