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Twitter wants to save you from sending a tweet instead of a direct message

Halt! Did you really mean to send that as a tweet? If you’re an active denizen of the Twitterverse, then you know exactly how embarrassing it can be to send a tweet instead of a direct message (DM). But now, Twitter (in all its magnanimity) is helping to ensure that you never embarrass yourself (in that way) again. The mobile app now has a safeguard against that confusion by warning you that you’re about to send a tweet instead of a DM.

So the Twitter app now warns you if it thinks you're going to have a DM fail

— Karissa Bell (@karissabe) June 7, 2017

Now, when you start your reply on Twitter with “DM,” the mobile app will display a pop-up warning that tells you that you are not sending a direct message to someone. The message reads, “You’re Tweeting this. Anything sent from the Tweet compose field will now be sent like any other Tweet.”

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