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Movie theaters are about to get Twitter and Foursquare-focused pre-shows

movie theater

Those 15 minutes before the previews start in the theater are about to be taken over by something other than local ads. Twitter and Foursquare have partnered with National CineMedia, responsible for selling pre-show ads to show theater goers, to highlight movie-related tweets and topics.

The specific details of how this collaboration will look on big screens remain under wraps, but it already sounds more interesting than cheesy car dealership spots and concession stand promos.

All we know so far about the partnership is that the companies will create a weekly series that showcases the hottest Hollywood topics using Twitter. Of course the idea here is to create some new profit, and AdWeek reports that the companies will be shopping the advertising opportunity around to brands and marketers.

As for where Foursquare comes into play, the partnership will give advertisers are chance at possibly getting an opportunity to serve movie-goers interactive ads, or implement a feature that involves check-ins and local search best utilizing Foursquare’s tech.

“Movie-goers spend a lot of time on those small screens, too,” National CineMedia President Cliff Marks said at the Upfronts in New York. “For the first time, advertisers will be able to connect their ad on the big screen with the audience’s mobile device.”

These videos will be shown in thousands of theaters nationwide – and we’re guessing you’ll be encouraged to keep your phone on right up until the previews start rolling once we see this new partnership get up and running. 

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