Twitter gets specific with new popularity metrics for individual tweets


Retweets and favorites have finally undergone an update by Twitter. All tweets will now show the exact number of retweets and favorites, unveiling a feature that has long been integrated into third-party Twitter platforms like Tweet Deck. Until now, users would merely see “50+,” an indicator for a Tweet receiving more than 50 retweets or favorites.

A marker for more than 50 retweets for many users, like celebrities, has been an insufficient indicator of the Tweet’s performance. The update will be applicable to all Tweets including those from the past. The changes will also be reflected across Twitter’s platforms, including its Web and mobile apps. Surfacing this data is a recognizable shift for users who haven’t used third-party platforms — the number of retweets and favorites is the mark of an influential user.

To give you a good idea about the changes, which can be found by expanding each Tweet, we took a look at the only Twitter user with a Klout score of 100, Justin Bieber. Note that the only account that he has linked to Klout is Twitter.

justin bieber tweet

The changes, for competitor research purposes, are also a great indication of how well a sponsored Tweet from a company may be performing. For example, a sponsored Tweet from Disney Pixar has garnered a mere 194 retweets and 59 favorites since June 4.

disney pixar sponsored tweet

What do you think of the changes? If you haven’t been using a third-party platform, will it affect the way you use Twitter?