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Twitter is secretly experimenting with Google Glass functionality

Google Glass

Google Glasses is stirring up both excitement and derision. Regardless, developers are scooping up a chance to port their existing platforms to these $1,500 glasses. Twitter appears to have joined the fray, and according to TechCrunch, Twitter integration into Glass has been spotted in the wild. 

Jonathan Gottfried, a developer at Twilio responsible for hacking together the very first Google Glass app for Twitter called GlassTweet – you can publish photos you take with Glass to Twitter – discovered a very good lead suggesting that Twitter is working on an official Glass app. How could he tell? Next to the meta data – date, time of the tweet – Twitter published the source of the tweet: “Twitter for Glass.”

twitter for glass tweet

The account that the tweet was first published on had no profile info and quite possibly used a false name “Shivster Muddler” – ironic considering Twitter’s fake account problem. The photo, that was snapped by Glass, which you can check out above, was of a lemon tree.

The tweet has since been deleted.

Usually if Twitter is hiding something, they’ll delete it, feign ignorance, and stay mum until the time is right, and you can expect the same process to follow this time. 

Until we see the final product we can only assume what Glass for Twitter might look like in its final form and how it works. This glimpse however should give us a pretty good idea about what a tweet might look like that results from Glass even if it’s not the final iteration. After all, Google has just started enabling its first batch of early users to purchase the product so Twitter and other app developers have time.

In the meantime, early adopters can always play around with Gottfried’s hacked together GlassTweet.

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