Twitter has 200 million active users and counting


Twitter revealed today that the social network has over 200 million monthly active users to date, an increase of 60 million users in nine months since Twitter announced 140 million monthly active users this past March.

twitter 200m

Despite the changes taking place with Twitter, the social network doesn’t appear to have been fazed by the aftermath of its API restrictions. In March, Twitter was seeing 340 million tweets per day published to the platform, and that number has since grown to 400 million tweets per day (in the latest figures shared by CEO Dick Costolo in June).

Still, as we all know, Twitter has a problem with fake and malicious accounts. Twopcharts in May conducted a study of the last 100 million Twitter accounts – 100 million accounts that signed up leading up to May 2012 – and discovered that 20.2 percent of registered accounts were duds. These accounts neither sent out a single tweet, nor followed a single user. 18.5 percent of the accounts went inactive (meaning were suspended or deleted) in just three months. And while Twitter announced its 200 million active user milestone, Twopcharts estimates that there are approximately 637 million registered accounts so far.

With so many bot accounts using third party platforms to auto tweet, you have to wonder what percentage of the 200 million monthly active users are actual people behind the accounts.

Twitter has a long way to go before reaching the 1.1 billion monthly active users that Facebook says it has, and Google+ is not far off; it announced early this month that it had 135 million active users. That’s 35 million more active users since September 2012, only three months ago.

Google+ is flourishing with approximately 11.7 million more active users per month (during those three months) compared to Twitter adding 6.7 million active users per month (in the last nine months). If the rate of monthly active users remains steady, by our rough estimation Google+ and Twitter will both have approximately 286.7 million active users in 13 months, with Google+ surpassing Twitter by approximately five million users come mid month. Of course Google+ numbers are to be taken with a grain of salt, since there are a number of ways the network is capable of roping in new users.