Procrastinators beware: Twitter map showing last million tweets will take up your time

twitter map shows last million tweets one tweetIf you’re a professional procrastinator, you may or may not be delighted to hear about the One Million Tweet Map, giving you yet another opportunity to do something less important than the very important thing you really should be doing.

Powered by Maptimize, a geographical clustering engine for showing and analyzing geolocalized data on online maps, the Twitter map does pretty much what is says on the tin – show the locations of the last million geotagged tweets posted around the world using data pulled from the Twitter API.

Updated in real time, the map is constantly changing, with the latest 20 tweets added at the same time as the oldest 20 are dropped, keeping the tally at around a million.

One cool feature is the ability to zoom in on a cluster, which splits into smaller clusters until, once you’ve zoomed all the way in, you’re presented with a single tweet which you can click on and read. That way, you can explore your own neighborhood to see if anyone close by is tweeting about you, or visit some remote village in Tasmania to see what’s going on there.

But hold on, procrastinators, there’s more to play about with before you return to the (more important) job in hand. Besides the cluster view, you’re bound to want to spend a bit of time also exploring the heat-map view. You can also filter by keywords, hashtags and time. How about that?

OK, that’s all for now, I need to get back to the One Million Tweet Map for no good reason whatsoever.

[via Mashable]