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Twitter revisits #Music with an integrated Spotify app

will twitter help discover music superstars  spotify app

Anyone remember Twitter #Music? It’s okay if you don’t – in the face of music streaming giants like Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, and Rdio, it might be easy to neglect the social media service for ones that specifically focus on just delivering music content. And perhaps that’s why Twitter is revisiting the music portion of the site by launching a Spotify app so you can check out what’s trending, recommended, or rising according to what Twitter users worldwide are #nowplaying.

Much like Twitter #Music’s Web interface, the app is integrated directly on the Spotify’s desktop app so you can listen to full versions of the songs that are currently listed under each of the five categories: Superstars (“new music from the superstars”), Popular (“new music trending on Twitter”), Emerging (“the best new emerging music”), Unearthed (“hidden talent found in the tweets”), and Hunted (“popular music on blogs”). You can also select musical genres to cater to your specific tastes and discover new tunes according to what Twitter users are listening to.

Of course, it’s not a full Twitter integration without the use of @ Twitter handles, which links musical artists to their official Twitter accounts for fans who want to learn more about the musicians. You also don’t need to be a premium Spotify user to make use of the new Twitter #Music app, though we can’t promise the songs won’t come uninterrupted by ads.

The new Twitter #Music Spotify app will be useful for those who want to discover things as everyone else learns about them too. Since data is aggregated from live Twitter data, all the recommended songs will look the same to Spotify users worldwide, so if you prefer personalized results, stick with Spotify’s original Discover tab. The Twitter #Music app is free and available now.

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